Enerzone Solution 1.4
Enerzone Solution 1.4

Enerzone Solution 1.4

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Enjoy cold days with the unmatched warmth offered by the Solution 1.4 wood stove. Smallest model in the series, its reduced size makes it a versatile appliance with a charming look.

Functional and practical, it has a north-south firebox, to load logs over depth, and a sturdy ash lip. The Solution 1.4 is also equipped with side panels with delicate engraved grooves, an arched cast iron door and steel legs. Invite tranquility, comfort, and simplicity in your home.

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Fuel type : Dry cordwood (16" recommended)
Recommended heating area-ft² : () 250 - 1,200
Overall firebox volume-ft³ : 1.8
EPA loading volume-ft³ : 1.55
Maximum heat output-dry cordwood : (2) 45,000 BTU/h (13.19 kW)