Napoleon Premium Pizza Stone
Napoleon Premium Pizza Stone

Napoleon Premium Pizza Stone

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  • Get restaurant quality results when making pizza. The porous stone retains and distributes heat evenly to wick away moisture for a light and crispy exterior
  • Not just for pizza, this premium pizza stone is perfect for bread, desserts, appetizers, and cookies, helping to provide even heat when roasting and baking in the barbecue grill or the oven
  • It is suggested to preheat the pizza stone in the oven or barbecue grill before cooking on it and letting it cool completely before removing it from the oven or barbecue grill
  • Like your favorite cast iron frying pan, this stone will season over time, making it more effective. Do not use oil on the pizza stone
  • It is recommended that you hand wash your premium pizza stone by hand with warm water once completely cooled. Avoid soapy water and scrubbing