Ambiance Elegance 40
Ambiance Elegance 40

Ambiance Elegance 40

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Elegance® 40

  • Built-in

The Elegance® 40 offers an exclusive combination of aesthetics and technology. Using Soapstone instead of firebricks, you get an increased efficiency unit with a beautiful firebox look!  It also features a unique patented air control system that allows you to slow down the fire to as low as 0.8kg per hour. It will extend burn time and generate heat at a more even rate. It can either be arched or rectangular and with or without louvers. A removable ash lip is also included. Customize it to your taste and needs with our optional decorative fronts and additional options. 

Same Firebox as Astra 32 just with upgraded features exclusive to us. 

  • 90 000 BTU
  • 75% Optimal Efficiency
  • 23" Log Length


40" W x 24" D x 39 516" H


40" W x 24" D x 41" H


23 38" W x 15 78" H (372 sq in)