Lumber Jack Charcoal
Lumber Jack Charcoal
Lumber Jack

Lumber Jack Charcoal

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Lumber Jack Charcoal helps evenly cook meats to bring out great flavours. It is the perfect charcoal for any occasion when great-tasting food is a must.


There’s nothing like the smell of a charcoal grill being fired up at the beginning of the grilling season. While there may still be some argument about it, most people agree that food grilled over charcoal tastes better than food grilled over gas. Yes, gas grilling is quicker and more convenient, but when it’s the weekend and you have all the time you need, charcoal is truly the way to go.

Lumber Jack Charcoal helps evenly cook meats to bring out great flavours. It is the perfect charcoal for any occasion when great-tasting food is a must.

  • Works well for direct grilling, indirect grilling, and smoking
  • Made from 100% all-natural hardwood:
    • 60% Oak
    • 20% Alder
    • 20% Birch
  • Made from imported European wood
  • No chemicals, no additives
  • No sparks, no crackling
  • Easy and quick to light
  • No foreign objects or debris
  • Larger pieces result in longer burning
  • More consistent heat
  • Ideal for low and slow cooking and more consistent cooks
  • Create amazing flavours with charcoal-infused smoke
  • Works in all Kamado grills, drum cookers, open-pit cookers, and charcoal grills, including:
    • Primo Ceramic Grills
    • Big Green Egg
    • Icon Grills
    • Louisiana Grills
    • Weber Kettles
    • Barrel grills
    • Drum grills
    • And more!
  • For outdoor use only

Made from oak and hornbeam hardwood, our natural lump charcoal is perfect for high temperature searing and long smoking at consistent temperatures and works great in most traditional smokers and grills. 100% sustainably sourced. Lumber Jack charcoal burns hotter, longer, and cleaner for the best smoking and grilling experience. Made without fillers or chemicals, you can have confidence that you’re getting the natural flavour, just like the old-timers used to.  Our coal is from environmentally friendly wood.



  1. Arrange 100% all-natural hardwood lump charcoal in a pile. Follow lighter fluid container instructions. Open all grill vents and leave the grill uncovered.
  2. Light the pile in several places
  3. In approximately 10 minutes, or when the pile is predominately washed over, spread charcoal evenly. Wait 5 minutes and begin cooking.


  1. Arrange a layer of charcoal on the grill. Insert 3 twisted newspapers (per 3 lbs of charcoal) in the middle of the layer.
  2. Add additional charcoal on top of the base forming a small pyramid. Keep the newspaper exposed to allow for lighting access.
  3. With a long-stemmed lighter, light the end of the newspaper. When the charcoal is covered in gray ash, spread evenly and being cooking.

Important: Using lighter fluid is only recommended on non-ceramic grills. Lighter fluid can permanently contaminate ceramic material leaving your grill with an odour. In some cases, manufacturers may deny warranty on ceramic grills where lighter fluids was used. If you are using a ceramic grill, we recommend using an electric starter element, chimney stacks, fire gel, kindling bundles, or paper method. We recommend only using lighter fluid on metal grills. Do not use on ceramic.